With secure email and Virtual Private Network (VPN) services to better protect your email and internet traffic to and from your workers in the field. State-of-the-art encryption tools from people you can trust. Suite of tools include private email, VPN, and other encryption tools to assure all of your internet traffic and private information is kept private.

About Us

PACTEC International

PACTEC exists to relieve human suffering and develop people's capacity to improve their conditions. Providing expertise in aviation, communications, and learning technologies, PACTEC is a hands-on partner. PACTEC multiplies the effectiveness of other humanitarian organizations and government agencies by overcoming communications and transportation barriers. More than 200 nongovernment organizations, humanitarian organizations, and agencies depend on PACTEC to help them accomplish their work.

VPN Server Locations

vpn map

Our VPN Servers are located in North America and Europe to allow your workers to safely navigate and communicate around web filters and blocked websites, including skype, AOL and other services.